Missionary in the US
Rev. JoAnn Riley
Executive director
May 2008 to present
Buena Park, California
Empowering At-Risk Children & Youth To Reach Their Potential
Jan 2006 to present
Los Angeles, California
Equipping Urban and Ethnic Churches to Empower Youth and Children to Reach Their Potential through Sidewalk Sunday School, Bible Clubs, school rallies and outreach events!

C.O.R.D Unlimited (Community Outreach & Resource Development)

We are building bridges between schools, community leaders, local park officials, police and faith-based organizations to empower at-risk children and youth to “make better choices” by equipping them with character qualities, moral values and developmental assets.

As we recruit and train people of influence with integrity to mentor at-risk children and youth in their communities…

“We are Changing the World through the Lives of Children and Youth!”

Thousands of children and youth throughout Greater Los Angeles are at-risk of never reaching their potential because of their environment, lack of support or wrong influences. We are giving them hope for a successful future through school assemblies, after-school mentoring programs, peer support and special events.

If you’d like to partner with us to provide mentoring programs to help students reach their potential, view the following videos to see the difference one person can make in a life:



(Community Outreach & Resource Development)
“Developing character traits, moral values and ethical standards in the lives of at-risk children and youth to break life-cycles of poverty, crime, drugs, gangs and violence.”
Three-Fold Vision Statement:
  • Mobilize community leaders, police, clergy and people of influence with integrity to help at-risk children and youth reach their potential by increasing their character qualities, moral values and developmental assets.
  • Empower students to reach their potential through school assemblies, after-school mentoring, peer support and special events to “make better choices” in their lives.
  • Network with community and faith-based organizations to develop support systems and vital resources for needy families and at-risk children and youth.


Contact Info:
Email: revjriley@juno.com
Cell: 562.841.5298